Nicole - Photographer & Videographer


Photography & Videography

I'm Nicole.  I'm not a perfect individual, and i can be awkward at times, but i'll tell you what...i'll capture everything your heart feels.  I've been very lucky in this life to have been able to pursue things I've wanted to, and i only hope that i can continue to do so.  Im a  d e e p  thinker and very into whatever it is that sets my heart on fire.  My love for photography is forever, as i gain something new to love about it everyday.  

I believe a photo represents our connection to the past.  A timeless reference point for the soul.  When my clients look back at my work, i want their heart to feel the emotion of that moment.  To be transported back to that first dance, long walk on the beach, or first family vacation and all the joy that came with it. ❤️


Animal Lover

I'm definitely THAT girl...the one who will stop traffic to save a turtle, visit a farm to show the cows some love, and feel the need to rescue every stray animal there ever was.  

Sorry not sorry. 



"How beautifully blind are we to ignore the smallest things in us, for it's the smallest parts in us that give us the power to do the most brilliant of things."